Toss Some Steaks or Chops on the Barbecue

Feed your family delicious, homegrown beef or pork from our ranch

You care a lot about your family and friends. Why serve them subpar food? When you buy your beef and pork from Brandon Valley Meat Company, you know you're getting healthy cuts of high-quality meat. We breed and raise our own cattle and pigs, meaning we're involved in the livestock process from day one.

Big chain beef producers might use growth hormones or other chemicals to make their cattle bigger and beefier. We take a more natural approach. Don't opt for beef from a faceless corporation when you can get it from friendly ranchers practically in your backyard.

Big market farms might raise their pigs in a confined environment with no room to roam around. We make sure that our pigs are raised outside in a large open area, in dirt, and where they are supposed to live. When choosing where you get your pork from remember that we locally raise and breed our own pigs.

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Don't be fooled by mystery meat

You can be 100% sure what's in our meat: nothing but high-quality beef or pork. We strive to produce healthy, hearty cuts of meat that will earn big smiles everywhere from the barbecue to the kitchen table.

All our beef and pork is:

  • Hormone-free
  • Grass-fed
  • Grain-Fed
  • Locally owned
  • Raised and bred by us

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