Wow! Got 2 filets at the Brandon Farmers Market today, amazing! Any one who knows me, knows I'm a filet snob. Better than Ruth Chris no kidding! Nice char and medium rare, excellent!

Miriam H.

I purchased rib shaped pork (mc ribs) and having had a lot with my family, as it is one of our favorite meals. We all felt that these were far and away the best we have ever had. It is hard to get them in the area and they are expensive. However Prairieland Premium Meat prices were virtually the same per pound or cheaper and are a superior meat! I will only be buying my mc ribs from them!

Thomas G.

Just had our first roast from here and it was super tasty and tender! Didn't even need a knife! Thanks, Tom!

Chris M.

This is the best bacon we have ever had! Thick, amazing quality and delicious!

Julie L.

Ah Maze in. And it's better because it's pasture raised and drug free.

Nichole C.